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Just a bunch of kids, wanting to make a business out of simple yet indulgent pleasures; fresh seafood paired with wines, & our own flavour of hospitality all served up curbside from our '57 VW camper. After 4 years of touring, pop-ups & collaborations, our little food truck has given us so much more than we ever envisaged or bargained for. Countless meals in countless neighbourhoods running late in to the night, a hangout for culinary tourists from all over the world, a front row seat at fashion shows and concerts and more lobster than you can imagine... all from possibly the smallest kitchen in the world. Of course there were also countless breakdowns, many midnight trips to market, a distinct lack of sleep and the odd downpour, but we wouldn't change a thing!!

We are excited to announce that its time to hang up the keys and park ourselves in our first permanent site this upcoming year, right where it all began at London Bridge, delivering our signature seafood extravagance & stellar wines in a casual setting.

To our new neighbours & everyone who has come by the van or been a part of the BOB's Lobster family, we invite YOU ALL to celebrate the launch of our first permanent Wine Bar & Kitchen.

Big Hugs & Many Thank You's,

Rob, Jamie & Stephanie